THANKSGIVING  is such a FAVORITE holiday! Time with Family and Friends!

I used to find myself racing around trying to cook, decorate, and oh, lets not leave out clean, so that everything could be “just perfect” for friends and family.  The funny thing was, they didn’t  really care if my house was spotless, and they all knew I wasn’t such a great cook; and…all I really wanted was to be with family and friends–spending time laughing, talking, playing games, etc. My life changed once I put those things into perspective! I don’t kill myself anymore.  Instead, I suck up the biggest dust bunnies with the vacuum, drag the picnic table into my living room with 2 card tables pushed end to end (so that everyone can sit together in the same room). I set the table with beautiful  mismatched  china  and everyone brings part of the meal!  It’s wonderful and what fabulous memories are made!  I wouldn’t change a thing! I am truly so VERY, VERY THANKFUL!

Give yourself PERMISSION to simply enjoy time with family and friends!  Great things are waiting!


About thepermissionlist

Hello, my name is Susan McMullen. I live in Marietta, GA and I am a professional speaker and registered nurse who has not only worked in direct patient care for 26 years, but I have also taken care of both of my parents, all while being married and raising three children. For 8 years, I provided care to my mother until her passing at home, surrounded by family and loved ones. After her death, my family and I moved in with my 70 year old father. For the next 15 years, until July 21, 2009, I orchestrated basic everyday needs along with financial matters, doctor appointments, administering medicines, and eventually made sure that my father’s ultimate wishes concerning life and death were fulfilled. Through the many years of taking care of others, I have become an expert at navigating through the medical maze, overcoming personal guilt and recognizing how important it is, whether in a hospital setting or at home, to take care of oneself if you are going to take care of others. I am on a journey to reclaim my love of life! You are invited to join me! Please share your own care giving stories! Together we'll laugh and cry as we find ourselves woven in the tapestries of each others lives! Together we'll learn to give ourselves PERMISSION to live and love! Great things are waiting! Susan McMullen
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1 Response to VERY VERY THANKFUL!!

  1. Suds says:

    What a great Thanksgiving tradition! My family had a fabulous Thanksgiving as well. My cousin Leslie had about 50 people at her house complete with paper plates and plastic utensils. Were we complaining? No way! The food was delicious, laughter was plentiful, hugs and conversation in abundance. Much thanks was lifted up. But after reading your post, I’m going to call Leslie right now, and give her “permission” to do the same thing for Christmas! 😉

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