Do you believe in signs?  I DO!!  I am always looking for signs! In fact, I am often afraid that the subtle signs will get by me, so  I really like the ones that sort of smack me upside the head.  Afterall, when that happens…well, I believe someone wants my attention!!

With that in mind, I want to share a story…

My dad’s name is Jesse Bateman, aka JB.  A year ago in July he passed away.  We lived together and we were very close. In late August,  early September of that year, I would be working in my garden (one of my favorite places to be) and every time I would go out, a beautiful lemon yellow butterfly, like I’d never seen before, would appear!  Just out of the blue!   I tell you, this was my dad!  Call me crazy, but I know he was out there checking on me and letting me know he was fine! As the weather became cooler, he stopped coming.  I wondered if he would return again…

Fast forward to a week ago, Saturday, August 7.

I was outside walking up my driveway. There he was!!  But he wasn’t in the garden, he was right in front of me sitting on the trunk of his car-a brilliant blue Ford Taurus that my older son now affectionately drives. He just sat there and made sure that I saw him!  I know he was checking on me again, and his car, and once again letting me know he was fine! 

Well, that was Saturday, and on Sunday night, my sister sent me an email.  It read…”dad came to see me last night in a dream! We hugged each other, said  I love you, then I woke up”.  Ooh!  I love those visitations because they are so real, but on this occasion, I wasn’t too jealous, because…I already knew he was in town. He’d not only come to see me as the butterfly, but on Sunday morning, (before I received the email), I had walked down my driveway to pick up the newspaper.  As I looked down at it lying on the ground, I was astonished at what I read!…


Now I don’t know about you, but signs don’t get much clearer than that!!!!

Dad, thanks for stopping by for a visit!!              

Give yourself PERMISSION to believe in signs!   

GREAT things are waiting!


About thepermissionlist

Hello, my name is Susan McMullen. I live in Marietta, GA and I am a professional speaker and registered nurse who has not only worked in direct patient care for 26 years, but I have also taken care of both of my parents, all while being married and raising three children. For 8 years, I provided care to my mother until her passing at home, surrounded by family and loved ones. After her death, my family and I moved in with my 70 year old father. For the next 15 years, until July 21, 2009, I orchestrated basic everyday needs along with financial matters, doctor appointments, administering medicines, and eventually made sure that my father’s ultimate wishes concerning life and death were fulfilled. Through the many years of taking care of others, I have become an expert at navigating through the medical maze, overcoming personal guilt and recognizing how important it is, whether in a hospital setting or at home, to take care of oneself if you are going to take care of others. I am on a journey to reclaim my love of life! You are invited to join me! Please share your own care giving stories! Together we'll laugh and cry as we find ourselves woven in the tapestries of each others lives! Together we'll learn to give ourselves PERMISSION to live and love! Great things are waiting! Susan McMullen
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1 Response to DO YOU BELIEVE IN SIGNS?????

  1. Emily says:

    I love this! And, yes! I have always believed in signs!

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